When we found out we were pregnant, one of the many things that went on our to-do list was to find a trainer for our wonderful dog, Bear. He’s a fantastic dog – we just wanted him to gain some general manners, learn commands other than ‘Sit,’ and to learn how to walk nicely on a leash without pulling, especially beside a stroller.

The Jordan FamilyWe found Eliza and all of our dreams came true! After our first session (with some general hesitation and stubbornness on our dog’s part!) he was already listening so much better and already had the hang of a couple new commands. We were in shock.

We learned that the biggest part of training was actually training us! We learned together so we could stay consistent and use the same commands with him. The worksheets were great resources for us to look back on if we forgot anything in-between sessions, and of course Eliza was only a phone call away. ‘Climb’ is officially one of our favorite commands! Overall, the whole training process was such a breeze – it was fun, and it changed our everyday lives! Bear, who we thought couldn’t be anymore perfect, is now the perfect gentleman.

Billy and Kristen


​I bought an eight-week-old Goldendoodle puppy, Bella, for my six-year-old daughter’s birthday. After just a few weeks, I was at my wits’ end – sweet Bella was into everything, and my stress level had sky rocketed. I had Bella attached to me at all times by her leash – I couldn’t cook dinner or prepare for the next day. I couldn’t do anything.

Lisha and Goldendoodle, BellaI decided my puppy needed training, or I was going to go crazy. I work full time and really wanted to find a place to send Bella for a period of time to receive boarding training. However, the boarding facilities were booked for at least two months out. I couldn’t wait two months – and the cost was huge! One of the boarding trainers told me about Eliza. I contacted Eliza and let her know my frustrations – and the fact that I wasn’t even sure if I could keep this puppy. Eliza gave me suggestions that I could start with until we could meet for a training session.

I was very skeptical about a two-hour training session doing any good, but I was willing to do anything. We met Eliza for our first session, and it was amazing! Bella was a different puppy – after our first session. I could actually cook dinner without being stressed out about Bella and without the chaos! Eliza was a lifesaver, and I am so thankful that she helped me get my somewhat calm life back. Consistency is key, and even though our training sessions have ended, Eliza is there for me to lean on for support and guidance.




Cooper is the first dog I’ve raised from puppyhood. Needless to say, I was in over my head. I knew Cooper was going to weigh close to 100 pounds as an adult, so obedience was my top priority  no one likes a big dog that misbehaves!

Matt and CooperAfter our first training session with Eliza, I felt like I had simple guidelines to follow that easily fit into my daily routine. It was unbelievable how a little structure can make even a young dog so obedient!  Imagine a 4-month old puppy calmly holding a Down command for 20 minutes – unbelievable.

Cooper is now 8 months old and weighs over 70 pounds. We still practice his commands daily – Sit, Climb, Heel, Crate, etc. – and plan to begin remote collar training with Eliza in a few weeks.

The biggest thing I’ve learned in working with Cooper is consistency and patience make all the difference in training. Cooper wouldn’t be the dog he is today without Eliza’s guidance. I’m happy to say that he is a joy to have around.


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