Bear: Basic Obedience PROGRAM

Follow Bear’s journey through our Basic Obedience Program. Bear’s owners were preparing for a new baby, and wanted him to learn how to be calm inside the house and how to walk nicely on-leash. Through our five, one-on-one lessons, he gained those skills and more!



Riley, an 8-month-old Australian Shepherd came to Old Dominion Dog Training with a solid foundation of basic obedience. But, as he got a little older, he picked up a few behaviors, like not wanting to get in the car and sometimes exhibiting nervous excitement around kids, that his owners wanted help with. So, over the course of a couple private lessons, we taught Riley the Climb command. This gave him a job to do when visitors came to the house, and it helped him become more comfortable getting in and out of the car. He’s growing up to be one handsome, smart pup!